23 comments on “Casus Belli

  1. Your language is always passionate–I could feel the heat in this. I watched a newscast about this event/incident, and just kept mumbling, “I don’t understand, I don’t understand”…what is the purpose for all this violence? Why is it necessary, to make individual points? And I keep thinking of Rodney King: “Can’t we all just get along?”

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    • as a nation, I think we have dealt with the institutional racism – it’s the personal racism that continues to plague us – the first amendment is as troublesome as it is sacred – but regardless free speech, violence, enacted or fomented, MUST be aggressively prosecuted – and we don’t seem to be doing so, whether it stems from the hateful extremists on right or on left


  2. Excellent poetry, compassionate but wrongheaded – ‘fascist machines confront fascist behaviors’. Fascist machines confront egalitarian civilization. If it’s the 1930s, stop it being 1933 or it will soon be 1939.

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