32 comments on “Backbone

  1. It’s not so much the government that is the problem but of the 1 percent – such as the Koch brothers who believe that their fair share is all of it – who have used their inherited wealth to generate even more; and have used that wealth to both fund right wing propaganda groups to influence and induce conservative voters to vote against their own interests – just as those on the left have done – and to capture politicians who do their bidding instead of serving the best interests of the people. Our democratic republic has become little more than a sham and under the influence of the moneyed class has morphed into an Oligarchy.


  2. ‘the regular Joes & the everyday Janes’ are now driving around in Mercedes SUVs and Diesel powered Ford F350s, bought on credit and filled up and out on the road thanks to Master Card; living in mansions they cannot afford on working man’s salaries and sending their kids to expensive universities to get educations beyond their abilities in hope of jobs they will never find . . . The middle class, like Esau, has sold its birthright for a mess of pottage . . .


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