39 comments on “A Mere Bag of Shells

      • Most welcome, Paul–if I could make your life perfect with just daily triple-wows, you know I’d do it in a heartbeat. On a light note, a mere bag of shells bests a bag of rocks any day, no? Here’s an idea I’ll share–maybe your grandkids could be persuaded to help do the project. I’ve been collecting nicely “shaped” empty jars (jam, salsa, etc, jars with some shape, not plain boring), and I fill them with colored glass balls–like the ones used in aquariums. (I buy them on Amazon, by the bag.) The now colorful jars are lined up on window sills–very pretty on sunny days.

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  1. Your words are priceless should I say ! Why do you think otherwise ? Not just a mere bag of shells, but a vessel full of deep wisdom I say ! Do not underestimate yourself my friend. Words and verse we all relish 🙂 ❤

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  2. Alas, it is the lot of the poet to recognize he has written truth in dandelion`dust left to blow here or there with the wind . . . How can he know where the seeds have landed, or what garden they have graced?

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    • Hello Harold – I am terribly sorry for this – If you look through the 3000 or so posts on my blog, you will see that the vast majority of images are properly attributed to the artist – pinterest, however, often leads me to a dead end when I search for provenance – I have corrected this post to show your image’s title and name you as the artist – please, again, accept my apology and gratitude for your understanding

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      • Paul, I appreciate your attitude, and thank you. Pinterest really is evil on this issue, in terms of appropriating the works of artists, to some extent monetizing this, without even the possibility of attribution. I keep being surprised that the good-hearted among us will put up with this kind of thing, because of course if artists aren’t recognized (and compensated) for their work there is no more art really possible. Anyhow, enough soap box, thanks for your swift and fair response. Best wishes, Harold

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