32 comments on “Sonnet to Middle Age

  1. LOVED the tongue tying and brilliantly confusing double-take grammar of “Is done and tied/is did …” Masterful! Really made me have to read and think about this… which of course made me reread the whole poem three times and appreciate it thoroughly…The concatenation of events that followed led me to read more of your poems and so on and so forth. Thanks a million!

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  2. The Chiefest Joy of Youth

    (In reply to the sonnet “In Youth is Joy”
    writ by Sir John Packington at the
    Novato Renaissance Pleasure Faire)

    In youth is joy, but age doth wrong redress
    For which youth hath its every to thank
    On age’s face doth nature lines impress
    Harmon’ious lines! Youth’s visage is a blank

    Wild youth doth all its energies abate
    In prancing, stallion-like, about the field
    It’s elder is content to rest and wait
    And see what bounties patience’ fruits will yield

    In love, our youths impassioned often be
    And think that none their elder understand
    They would be startled youths could they but see
    A woman under well exper’ienced hand…

    Well may’st it strut, well may’st it preen and prance
    The chiefest joy of youth — is ignorance!

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