12 comments on “Pharmacopeia

  1. “arrogant ampules” — I worked in hospice several years back, and we were already exploring the use of methadone for palliative relief rather than the oxys (cotin and codone). But money talks, I suppose. Darkly beautiful.

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    • interesting – afflicted with chronic severe pain, my pain management specialist had me on methadone for 2 years – but I didn’t like its effects – withdrawal was difficult but we moved on – that was more than a dozen years ago


      • Yeah, maybe it was that long ago. I forget it’s been that long. Not everyone responds the same to every drug. But it was the start of moving away from the beasts. I guess it hasn’t progressed.

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  2. Your words tell a story of terrible pain yet the picture looks more like a jar of jelly beans. I hadn’t realized your chronic pain has been around so long. Your poetry is like diamonds formed under extreme pressure. I’m sorry for the cost to you.

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    • we all have our sorrows to bear – in my case a constellation of disabling ailments with osteomyelitis of the sternum and ribcage being the main source of pain since 2004 – writing has been remarkably therapeutic


      • I understand the therapy writing offers. For me it gives purpose to days of diminished activity that accompany natural aging. I feel alive and myself when I write the smallest haiku. Connecting with other writers opens up my life.

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