12 comments on “Music of Scars

  1. Dude…dude…every time I see you post a poem I am excited and blown away. I’m a HUGE fan of your work.

    This morning was special, I was just playing music with my 6 year old , we call it our “Morning Rock and Roll Dance Party” I was playing an arpeggiated Harmonic Minor over a Muse song…which certainly sounds like a,

    “…a plaintive arpeggio
    climbing the sequence
    of notes that express
    the best senses of
    wounded humanity”

    Love the synchronicity of this poem with my morning guitar work–brilliant as always!

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  2. “your music of scars
    moves on chords
    built from pain
    long suffering sounds
    we’d give our last heartbeat
    to sing even once”

    I absolutely love your choice of words for this. I am a bit curious what you meant by them, although I do understand that poetry can be interpreted many ways.

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    • the interpretation is really up to you – I have a longstanding policy of not explaining my poems – but your name suggests you are quite young while I am quite old – so I offer you this – we all have pain, but the remarkable ability to sing from it is rare

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