13 comments on “Inhumanity

  1. “There comes an hour in the afternoon when the child is tired of ‘pretending’; when he is weary of being a robber or a noble savage. It is then that he torments the cat.” ~ G.K. Chesterton

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  2. Human beings are members of a whole *** in creation of one essence and soul
    If one member is afflicted with pain *** other members uneasy will remain
    If you have no sympathy for human pain *** the name of “human” you can not retain

    ” Saadi”

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  3. Concerning the human race. For every act of evil there is an act of compassion. Sadly 50/50 despite the balance of the the stat, is shamefully out of kilter with the order of the natural world. Great, thought provoking poem, Paul.

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  4. You have a way of forging words to create the sword-like penetration of evil in our world. Meanwhile your poetry is beautiful beyond any words I have to describe it. The powerful yin and yang of truth and evil.

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