27 comments on “Disabled

  1. Curious, this goes 5,6,5 rather than standard haiku 5,7,5… and “can’t” could easily be made “cannot” to make it 5,7,5… any reason for using “can’t” there?

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  2. Thank you for this.

    Look at me, not the chair that binds me
    Why is that all you can see?
    Talk to me, don’t talk loud, I can understand
    Don’t assume I am slow in mind and brand
    Me as incompetent
    Yes, I can talk
    Even though I do not walk
    Get to know me before you label
    I am strong, I am fit, I am able

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  3. I like the idea behind this–the catharsis in your statement, especially, being an advocate for Con Art, myself.

    Another person made a comment on the choice of the contraction in the second line “can’t”. I will try my best to argue in defense of it. While the contraction is arguably not that poetic of a word, I think what is important to remember is that poems aren’t always in the voice the poet. If we were to think of the poem colloquially, “can’t” is probably the word that would be used.

    Why did the poet choose “can’t”, instead of another word? All sorts of other words bring about other connotations that are not necessarily central to this particular poem. In it a sort of mantra I think which could be found for oneself, as well as what is not spoken in the silence…”only if you let it.”

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