19 comments on “Dark Nebulae

  1. Quite a lovely story of the perceptions and thoughts of your mind, your being. You’re a “star” Paul.

    I remember a time, long ago, when I’d read so many of your words, and they’d pull the same out of me, in my way of course. Now some are difficult for me to follow (this will get better – I’m CLIMBING the stairs, more like crawling up them lol <– not funny, but I've been laughing through the entire event, how else could I possibly endure or overcome it with a warrior mode filled with positive energy). The ones I am able to follow cause me to giggle (in a beautiful and connection sort of way), as if someone/something is running the show and allowing me to follow the posts that describe my own journey and sight. This was a supernova of words. ❤

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