13 comments on “Three Tales of Thermodynamics

  1. The construct of this poem is perfection. It is a great shame that mankind does not see that perfection should never be tampered with; it should be left to its own devices to vary its condition as pure nature would have it do. Super work, Paul.

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  2. You summed up today’s society, our “kind/species” so perfectly. The entire verse(s) filled with so many words, through so little words. The end, the perfect ending “intellectual
    volume in short, discreet manifest, brain-sized, understanding.” If only all could see through your eyes, which see through your intellect and most genuinely, your heart.

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  3. Your intellect, imagination and heart … your talent and gifts, have touched me since the time I came across the very first post of yours I read, many years ago now. You inspire me Paul, you take me away to far away places, that often, places that are just right here. So I thank you, and from the bottom of my heart. Never stop writing, never stop sharing, never stop being you.

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