11 comments on “Zero Gravity

      • 2 days it’s nothing more than 2 moments from now. Time is irrelevant in the way we’ve been taught (seconds, minutes, hours days, etc.,). Our life experience is a cluster of moments. In the moment you’re in today, is the moment in you’re in today – your next moment will be different, and the one after that different … we’re simply put, moving from one moment to another – one experience to another. In 3 days you won’t be in the moment that you’ll be in, in 2 days, you’ll be in the moment after that. And that moment might last for a bit … it’ll last as long as “it will.” However, then they’ll be another moment.

        Live in the moment, but know that this too shall change, it’s a cluster of moments and experiences my friend. Sending you much love.

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