4 comments on “Tax Day

  1. A sharp diatribe on our new ‘conservatives’ who voted in huge tax cuts on the wealthy and then put a trillion dollar deficit on our budget`burdened`backs . . . Go get `em, tiger!

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    • I support the tax cuts because they apply to all earnings levels (the nature of the beast is that their benefits are naturally proportional – those who paid the most save the most) and because they create jobs and should increase business profits/tax revenues – but the neocons have been otherwise spending like drunken sailors – without the unwavering discipline of accompanying drastic spending cuts, the tax cuts will indeed exacerbate the national debt – these guys are fucking up big time

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  2. The whole piece is up there with your very best. The last verse a pure gem amongst gems. I thought for a brief moment you might have shifted to the left, then pinched myself and realised that, as ever, there is common ground. Wonderful work, Paul

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