14 comments on “Oral Judgment

  1. Thing is, how much should we trust these instruments of judgement which we have? If they are the perfect equipment surely we have no fear, but if they have been corrupted, what then?

    Glad to see you’re still writing these wonderful pieces Paul, sorry that I haven’t been here to read any!

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  2. “tongue tooth lip and cheek more reliably
    sensible organs than eye ear and nose
    less prone to be waylaid misled
    by the spoor of unchallenged opinions”

    very wise, and well writ’…

    this too:

    “we humans are by definition imperfect – so too will our judgments ever be – therein lies the grounds for faith”

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  3. I guess most of us today swallow instead of spitting it out after a taste.

    Your poetry really inspires me. Thank you for that. Some of it reminds me of the Canticle of the Sun, my mama’s favourite prayer.

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  4. In the absence of conscious perfection, all we are left with is an imperfect perfection, or perhaps perfect imperfection…it is at this point the philosopher within heads toward the pub! Super poem, Paul

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