6 comments on “Diatribe

  1. Nice. Getting to the heart of stone self.

    Right away reminded me of this:

    “It’s quite scary, the stone self, because it’s so kind of stolid and…almost dead but it just…it’s that part of you that is really just kind of aware of light passing but doesn’t have a sort of emotional response to the world, I suppose. I’m really interested in the mineral self. I’m very interested in the water self and what that far away down part of you is that can look at water. One is used to people identifying with animals, quite used to them identifying with plants but I think when you can get down to that kind of even-beneath-the-reptile self—that mineral self—that really interests me.”

    –Alice Oswald


    Well worth a listen. She is incredible.

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  2. Love this Paul. There are always some lines in your poetry that strike me. Today it is this:
    eyes of the world noticed only by
    coldblooded philistine fish with
    their miniscule brain-hearts too
    full of themselves nothing left

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