26 comments on “4 Star Review

  1. Congratulations for your excellent award. I am grateful for Miriam Molina’s review. I confess that many times I love the sound of your rhymes and the rhythm of your meter but don’t grasp what you are writing about. I appreciate your saying that ” being guided by feeling” when reading your poetry is what matters. Reading your poems adds immensely to my waking up in the morning. ❤

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  2. Hi, Paul! It is my singular honor to be part of your world. I subscribed to your blog as soon as I finished reading Time Before Time. I enjoy your poetry that greets me every day.

    I did mention in my review that the book is now among my favorites. Unfortunately, I lost my copy (the PDF version) when my laptop crashed in February. I would be much-indulged if you can send me a copy.

    I am saddened that you have to let go of your home and the many memories that it holds. But surely those memories are immortalized in your poems and are stored in the hearts of all who have shared them with you.

    I am a forever fan,

    Miriam Molina

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