20 comments on “Mortality

  1. “Mortality”, nice subject and brilliant wording!
    “nonetheless here is the
    permanent battle engaged
    pitting forces of spirit
    against vicious powers of pain”… Excellent phrase! Mr. Lenzi, it has been an Honor for me to take notice of a like or two by you on my poems. You are a very influential, and memorable poet and writer! Bravo! .. if I may say. 🙂

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  2. My goodness, I have a long way to go before I can stitch such wordplay together in the effortless way that you have.
    If you get a chance to check out some of my poetry to give me some pointers then please feel free to head on over to my page.

    Awesome poem my friend.


  3. Oh No! My most favorite poet. now gone. A poet mentor, an also my most honored follower. What a privilege to have had Paul as a reader of my poetry.God bless to all who loved and knew this amazing poet and writer. Thank you for showing true poetic skill and the gift of writing. Good-night …

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  4. You were preparing my dear friend, I had known that through your words for quite some time and this poems so very much. WordPress seems less a family, less comfortable and less inviting without your presence. Your heart shined on many, even across the miles through mere words. Your talent inspired so many, and brought us to places never seen. I feel awkward here without you, it’s a difficult/strange thing to explain. YOU knew/know how spiritual I am and what my beliefs have always been on the illusion of what we call life, for it is a mere moment in eternity and not a full existence, so I believe so strongly that you are in the midst of transitioning and becoming acquainted with your new body (or lack thereof) and new terrain, wherever that might be, and strongly believe that countless poetic verse is rushing through your consciousness about all that you’re experiencing. I miss you dearly my friend, and am honored to have crossed your path in our journeys. Writing up until your very last days, oh how it was your love, your peace. For today, enough of how much I, or anyone else misses your presence in our existence, it is your family that my heart reaches for, your wife, your children, your grandchildren and their great need to heal and overcome their tremendous loss. I hope and pray that they receive all of the love, abundant love, help and healing that they so very much need and deserve. Sending the entire Lenzi family and friends of their family great love and prayers for easy healing (as best as can be), and blessings to you Paul – you had a many purposes in this life, all of which you achieved greatly. Sorrow now my friend, allow your spirit to be at ease, your family is filled with love and will help to heal each other and move on from this as best they can, with joyous memories of all that you were to them first and foremost, and then to the countless, immeasurably others out here in our existence. Sending love to all dimensions. Kimberly ❤

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