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  1. I’m so sorry for your father. Wishing well of you and your family in this time of loss..
    I loved your father’s work, as it was poetic and elegant, and I too believe that he reached out to many people, including myself. I’m happy that his blog will live on. May his soul rest in peace.


  2. I’m so happy to hear that we will be able to return to Paul’s words and read then again. Your dad touched so many of us, with his words, but mostly with his kindness. I was honored to call him my friend. I would be more than happy to help you sort things out with his blog. Feel free to contact me any time. Dorinda – dorindad (at) yahoo.com


  3. I discovered Mr.Paul Lenzi’s blog not long ago and began to like his poetry very much. I think you are doing the best you can for your deceased father as I did when mine died. He was always praising my humble dancing abilities, so I produced this dance to honor him that I have recently posted on my blog accompanied by a humble poetry attempt: https://momentsbloc.wordpress.com/2018/07/01/circle-of-light-in-the-darkness/
    I love you blog and I will keep the follow. Thank you so much.


  4. Oh God! It is unbelievably sad. I logged into wordpress after a long time and came across this! I used to absolutely love his engagement here. Would often discuss his poems with my family. RIP! He was a beautiful soul. Good to know that this blog will continue…


  5. I never feel confident at expressing myself when it comes to something as sad as this, but please accept my condolences for your sad loss. It is sad for us all because he gave so much pleasure with his poems and I am pleased that you wish to continue sharing his work. Thank you very much.

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  6. This is such a wonderful idea. We miss him greatly and are happy to hear that his poetic legacy will live on through this blog.

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  7. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. My sincere condolences. His beautiful nature is written in all his words. He will be missed❤️ Please repost his works daily, maybe from the beginning of his blog. Since there are always new users and I’m sure they’ll enjoy it as much as we (all his followers) do.

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  8. Only just seen this having taken a break from my blog. Your father was a big reason that I kept writing and kept trying new forms. He was always supportive and always there for every visitor to his blog, a wonderful writer and member of our community.
    He will be greatly missed. My condolences.

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  10. Thanks so much for continuing Paul’s Blog!!!!
    Wanted to share this but didn’t find a Contact Page
    so I will post it here before I post it on my blog.

    By Charles Robert Lindholm

    It’s A Legacy

    He’s Left The World In His Words

    Paul Lenzi, Poet

    Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

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  14. Oh my goodness. I’ve been gone from wordpress for a few many months dealing with my own health issues, and I knew he wasn’t well, his poetry spoke so loudly of what was happening, though so beautifully, as always, but sadly I hadn’t been here in a few moments. He will be evermore missed, so greatly missed in this world. How I wish I had been signing on more often through my own struggles to keep up with what he was feeling and facing. He knew I knew, he knew I understood his words. He meant a great deal to me, though never met, he’d been a part of my journey for quite a few years – and he was always able to read between my lines and way of expression to understand what that was happening in my life as well.

    My deepest and most sincere and heartfelt condolences to each member of his family, his friends and all he has touched. Paul was a wonderful man, with a wonderful heart, which he shared in word with so many. Be free on the wings of angels Paul. ❤


  15. I find myself feeling as though WordPress has become a bit hallow, an empty space missing the beautiful presence of Paul. He was/is an inspiring, insightful, imaginative and oh so talented and warm being. Signed into WordPress without him here is a kin to there being a white elephant in the room (to me). Searching through the reader to find his mesmerizing expressions connected by the most vivid of written words. It’s not the same without dear Paul. I will always remember your countless poems, vivid expressions and oh so talented words, but the one I will remember most is “the stoop.” I suppose you’re now on a new stoop, again as in your younger years, but this time it’s a bit more soft than the stairs of old. It’s strange here without you, which causes me to think of the magnitude of that feeling your family must be feeling. My heart has been with them since you shed your skin. You will never be forgotten, but only consistently looked for whether I know you won’t pop or not. A hallow place indeed. ❤


  16. I don’t have any technical knowledge to offer–but I truly hope you will keep Paul’s blog heart beating for us who loved him so, and still miss him with every poem we write. I’m quite sincere–there are days I write a pretty good line, and think, “Paul would like this”. I pray that you and all of his family are well, and blessed by God during this holiday season, which can be tough when we’re missing loved ones. He will never be forgotten by the poet family he left behind too soon. Leslie Brower/Avia Tinder ❤


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