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Paul F. LenziRetired insurance company executive. New Jersey born and bred, I’m the son of Italian immigrants. I’ve commuted to a hectic professional career in Manhattan, I’ve traveled the world, and now enjoy the lush forested mountains and blissful tranquility of quaint New Hampshire. I married my dear bride forty-eight years ago, and we are blessed with three children and eleven grandchildren.

I hold to traditional values of family, faith and country. I’m an old school, conservative, flag waving, spirited patriot. I’m a student of philosophy and politics. I build model clipper ships, collect stamps, shoot guns, and explore New England’s country lanes. I enjoy a good game of chess, poker, or pool. I am a voracious reader and, now that time permits, an aspiring writer.

I am drawn to people with character, conviction, compassion and integrity. I’m repelled by farceurs, incompetence and the self-absorbed.

There is no unifying theme to this blog. My poetry is eclectic, possibly even quirky. My polemics are judgmental and unapologetic. My prose is thoughtful and, hopefully, cogent.

All of my writing is unschooled but heartfelt. Some of it is for fun, allowing me to experiment with words and ideas. Some of it vents my emotion and is therein therapeutic. All of it has the quality of subjective truth and authentically conveys who and what I am. Simply put, my writing reflects my imagination and life experience. Disabling disease shadows much of that experience.

Feel free to leave comments on any post. And please check out “My Books” page at http://poesypluspolemics.com/books/.

953 comments on “About Me

  1. Thanks for your great poems. The latest At death ‘s Door is very soulful and interesting poem. it exposes the intrinsic thought of remaining away from the death. I liked it. very much. Thanks for sharing.

    kindly read my IT IS LOVE AGAIN posted today andyour valuable comments will boost my spirits

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  2. Hello Paul,

    I am writing to ask if you would use your poetical skills and poet contacts to enhance a developing framework for a Caregiver’s Manual for Men.

    Here is a draft version (https://mlbergitn.wordpress.com/cmfm-caregivers-manual-for-men/) but certainly start from whatever vantage you choose.

    The point is that we (males) need guidance. Sometimes we need it spelled out very plainly in print. If we can reach consensus with the general public that something needs to be done, it could happen.

    Thank you for considering this task.



  3. I am so very sorry for the loss of your father!! Paul is sorely missed by so many of us in the WordPress community, more than you may be able to imagine, although having over 17,000 followers should be a big flashing light!

    So many of us wish to convey our deepest sympathy to Paul’s whole family! We love Paul’s words and works and would very, very respectfully like to request that you please keep Paul’s blog active on WordPress. His blog is his legacy to you as his family but also to those of us who have been followers (17,000 plus) and those who may join in the future! Please consider keeping his blog active as a living tribute to Paul, a sort of Literary Museum of Paul Lenzi????

    I would love to discuss this with you or WordPress can discuss this with you if you contact them.
    My suggestion if you decide to keep the blog active, would be to share the works on his blog starting from the very beginning as “Reposts or Reprise”. It is very easy to duplicate past posts and repost them with the use of the “Duplicate” button. These posts can be scheduled out for each day for months into the future.

    Please contact me at chucklindholm@ hotmail.com or 1-512-818-9155
    Again, our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of loss!!!!
    Chuck Lindholm
    The Reluctant Poet

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    • That is such a great idea. I am one of those new poets that have just discovered Paul’s poetry from a fellow poet posting of your father’s passing. Two of his books have just arrived in the mail. I would so love to be able to come here to his blog and read.
      My condolences to the entire family 😦
      From personal experience, I came to write more while my husband was ill and then passed away nearly six years ago. It was the blog that gave me invisible friends that I could speak to. I’m sure the WordPress family would all love to hear from you.


  4. I am eternally, profoundly honored, and moved by the fact that some of my amateur poems were once perused and encouraged by legendary WordPress poet and Free Verse brainiac, sir Paul F. Lenzi.

    RIP, Sir Paul F. Lenzi.


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