My Awards

My readers have honored me with 121 awards to date. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for such astonishing recognition.



Received Twice




Received 4 Times


Received Once


Received 17 Times


Received 39 Times


Received 4o Times


Received 10 Times


Received 3 Times


Received 6 Times

52 comments on “My Awards

  1. Paul, I found your poetry very interesting and thought-provoking—some particularly spring to mind— the “Mix Up “. and “Brooklyn Bridge”. The whole concept of the American Dream is fascinating—its successes and its lamentable failures. Your other recent poem, “Jawbone” also made me realise how vulnerable we are when in the hands of the wrong surgeon, doctor, judge etc. Yes, I liked the sentiment which had the resonance of a street-fighter’s tone. Well worth following!

    CC Cairns


  2. Hi Paul! I noticed you liked my poem “For the love of a princess” wondering if you were interested in mentoring a new poet on how to get his poetry out there! Would love if we could talk. My email is, and my blog is thanks!


  3. Your poetry is very beautiful and so wonderful to read! Your very talented and your writing is very moving! Glad to have reconnected! Love, Bonnie Vito


  4. I want to nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I am inspired your blog, and wish to show my appreciation for your talent and creativity.

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  5. thank you Paul! as it was I that miscommunicated, sort of fell on me to explain myself more clearly. Going to stay as resilient as possible and see if I can reach a turning point in my grades.

    Your blog is an inspiration for starters such as myself. 🙂 ~all the best

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  6. Hello, just a greeting. I am Nicola of Andretta Italy, living in NJ, and I am curious to see if our Italian ancestry connects. If you are the pflenzi of, I think there is a strong possibility.
    I would like to hear if its true.

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