My Books


BookCoverImage (23)

Book #23 – 444 pages

BookCoverImage (22)

Book #22 – 116 pages

BookCoverImage (21)

Book #21 – 104 pages



Book #19 – 90 pages


Book #18 – 62 pages

BookCoverImage (17)

Book #17 – 342 pages

BookCoverImage (16)

Book # 16 – 450 pages

BookCoverImage (15)

Book #15 – 444 pages;

BookCoverImage (14)

Volume 14 of My Collected Poetry – 318 pages


Volume 13 of My Collected Poetry – 272 Pages

Volume 12 of My Collected Poetry

Volume 12 of My Collected Poetry – 334 Pages

My 11th volume of poetry.

Volume 11 of My Collected Poetry – 245 Pages

BookCoverImage (9)

Volume 10 of My Collected Poetry – 312 Pages

BookCoverImage (5)

Volume 9 of My Collected Poetry – 246 Pages

BookCoverImage (6)

Volume 8 of My Collected Poetry – 154 Pages


Volume 7 of My Collected Poetry – 264 Pages

BookCoverImage (7)

Volume 6 of My Collected Poetry – 237 Pages

BookCoverImage (4)

Volume 5 of My Collected Poetry – 238 Pages

BookCoverImage (8)

Volume 4 of My Collected Poetry – 236 Pages

BookCoverImage (3)

Volume 3 of My Collected Poetry – 300 Pages


Volume 2 of My Collected Poetry – 280 Pages

2nd Edition with Revised Format

2nd Edition with Revised Format – 436 Pages

BookCoverImage (2)

Volume 1 of My Collected Poetry – 184 Pages

35 comments on “My Books

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  2. Congratulations, Paul, belatedly, on the publication of a SECOND book!!! Still going through the first. Your productivity, no matter what the reason, is inspirational! Best of luck with both efforts!! God bless you and your work, Ellen

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  3. Hi Paul! I discovered your blog through Eric Alagan’s blog. You commented on being self published and not having the patience to wait for queries and decisions from publishing houses and I found myself feeling exactly the same. It seems self publication has been going well for you. I’ve got my book in the process of getting a cover and arranging the pages for self publication… Any advice?

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  4. I have never been able to get my head around the “chaff” element of editing. Significant winnowing has always been inherent in my creative process. I see the necessity of scrutiny for error, transposition or elided transition, but must “rigorous” editing be more than that?

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  5. Paul—do you ever publish in magazines? how do you solve the problem of most of your poems being on the blog (ie pre published)—I put all mine up on my blog but I’d really like to try to get some into other places

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    • I was published in only a handful of mags, but I stopped submitting to them a long time ago – I’m too old for the patience the process requires – but when I did, I submitted unpublished pieces

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  6. Hello Paul, Morgan here. I’ve been wondering for a while and finally, under the prompting of a fellow writer you may know (Richard Ankers) I’ve worked up enough ‘nerve’ to inquire with you about your publisher. Do you self publish your poetry or have you someone you work with? I’ve been wanting to put together some books of my poetry for a while, but need the guidance of a marketing guru/publisher and Richard thought yours may fit what Im looking for. …so here I am inquiring, IF you don’t mind the question?

    Thanks Ever So Much!

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  7. Woah! You’ve been busy, lol. Nice! I’ll definitely give some of them a read. Are they the same poems as on your blog or are they different?

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