51 comments on “Affluenza

  1. There is always civil court – not much of a comfort to their families but maybe a way to hit this kid and his family where they hold their hearts – in their wallets.


  2. I agree 100%, Paul. My neighbor and I were talking about it yesterday–that, and the equally absurd and disturbing story of the 6-yr old who was suspended from school for kissing the hand of his little friend. In the first case, a life sentence would have been appropriately “just”; and in the 2nd, the little guy should have been applauded for his courtly manners (unless he was actually forcing his attentions on her). I suspect the Texas judge is caught in the money system, which prevails over the justice one.


  3. Hi Paul. I read about this case its shocking he should have been jailed for life. But as always money seems to let toomany get away without justice being done. Such a wicked loss of life! Thank you for liking ‘No Christmas!’ Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.


  4. we had a case here which normally gets at least 5 years but after sentencing the PA got a phone call from somebody and he changed the sentence to nothing for some odd reasons. Well the father of the 20 year old runs a branch of GEICO with 5000 employees. elections are coming up you know.


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