33 comments on “Warplay c. 1950

  1. Well done. I remember those soldiers–my brothers had a ton, and I got in trouble for sweeping them all into the garbage when I had to clean the basement.


  2. Nice work. Love the alliteration (hard plastic hearts) and the juxtaposition of real life soldiers with make-believe at the end. My brother had army men and so did my son. The allies and the axis fight on!


  3. Brings out childish but fond and cherished memories – I was a big fan of the little plastic battalions, hiding small response units between the mountains (cushions) … then Action Man entered my life… sigh!


  4. Were those Nintendo, Xbox, or Playstation? Three innocuous seeming toys that killed imagination.


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  6. Reblogged this on GPWilliamson and commented:
    Reminded me of a time with an art therapist many moons ago who used army men in his work to help people beat anger related issues, bereavement, guilt and self confidance issues. A good man and great therapist. I summer him up more than once in a couple of my poems however this gent captures the moment in totality.


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