51 comments on “Murdering Babylon

  1. I think you capture the thoughts of millions who fear to speak because the unprecedented evil leaves them afraid and speechless. It is the same vile evil of mankind that burned Alexander the Great’s library, burned innocence on stakes and books in Europe. It slaughtered thousands in the Balkans and now it grows like a cancer in our gut as we wish it would just go away. It will not. Only the proof of our humanity disappears.

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  2. Your topic are always so unique, however are against the keeping of information, censoring only what is believe to be right, or keep all information to let history decide?

    We live in the information age now….


  3. Outrage and helplessness are so eloquently expressed!!

    I would just have to curse out of frustration with the ignorance and destructive tendencies/behaviors of others.

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  4. When I read the news that they have burned down those ancient books and manuscripts, that had me so upset. All of the knowledge of the past were wipe out just the same as if someone just erase the whole of my Memories … 😦

    This is a true writing with true message

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  6. Paul – this such wonderful writing on a subject which (unfortunately) has not got enough press. Politics in the current world order doesn’t allow us to call a spade a spade. Until the whole of the civilised world puts their other differences aside and comes together to wipe out this cancer, I’m afraid our kids will see far worse.

    May I direct you to two similar pieces I’ve penned – I trust you won’t/don’t mind!?



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