17 comments on “Markets and Mania

  1. Worthless can mean monetarily diminished and I think you mean it that way. Sure, the world reacted, because we have been slipping toward no borders. The silent majority spoke up in the voting booth. Power will punish such a thing as the progressives are being challenged in their great plan to obliterate the individual. This whole thing is about nationalism versus globalization. Does one size does fit all? In this case, the shoe pinches and England said “ouch.”

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  2. brilliant! I hope you don’t mind my sharing a scribble I think is on topic …

    The Markets Are Down 2%

    Banish the hubris,

    Toss away the choice words,

    Spoken by rotten, broken tongues.

    Silence the chorus of appalled shock.

    Shred the sermons,

    Burn down the gory edifices:

    The churches, mosques, temples,

    And the muted Gods they mock.

    Drain the sewage.

    Flush away the insidious odour,

    Seeping up from malls, homes, carnivals.

    Put it in a closet and weld the key in the lock.

    Shut it all off.

    Turn out the lights.

    Pull the damned plug

    but hold on to that blue-chip stock

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