23 comments on “Fourth Estate

  1. isn’t that the truth. It’s like in the fashion industry where they tell the public what is going to be “Hot,” in the coming season. Big surprise, it’s the very thing you’re producing. What a happy coincidence.
    Corporate owned journalists are compromised before they get out of college. Being taught what to think instead of how. All they are are parrots now, squawking the party line.

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  2. Yet, we get the news from the news outlets. If we are divided in this land, can’t we blame them too? Listening to coverage is like listening to two different events. Where does the spin stop?

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  3. But how would they justify the overhead if they didn’t dominate the stage?. Ironically, I had the same impression as you while listening to Sean Hannity while Joni Ernst spoke (silently) in the background.

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  4. As much as I satirize and despair of my country I am grateful we have the no commercial’s, no corporate input, publicly funded, take no sides BBC. Just about that last safe haven for in depth truth we have (indeed probably the planet has).

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      • With my sleeping pattern I tend to go for the radio. BBC World Service at night and Radio 4 during the day. I thought they provided fine coverage with many interviews and importantly (as much as I don’t care for Trump) offered no criticism. Just news as it should be…it’s about the only thing the UK is doing right these days.

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  5. “I’m perfectly capable of coming to my own conclusions and value judgments about what the speakers have to say. I don’t need some third party interlocutor or interpreter to help me understand what’s going on.”

    Bingo. We have a winner!

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  6. You have described my thoughts exactly. A great tragedy of our age, in all countries, is our captive main street media which spends more time attempting to communicate its owners agenda rather than reporting news in an unbiased fashion. These talking heads are propagandists who would make Joey Goebbels proud.

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