16 comments on “Memoria

  1. You buried me,
    In thoughts you buried me,

    Breathlessly you suffocate me in ur ink,

    Your dripping pen caged me on,and on until I licked the last drop

    Having trodden in the darkness you shunned light,

    Having been on lonely
    Pitched dark path many a time,

    I soar with your liberation theology,

    Victory song at the tunnel end!

    Where letting go clashes with jubilation forever,

    My small pen honor you….

    Poets are gods,and you are rare amongst.

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  2. I tell you true, Paul–the public school system is missing out if they don’t start teaching your poetry in English classes. Surely you are among the new classic poets–I am ever-astounded each time I read…and days like this, could sink further into depression, knowing my work never quite meets the bar yours sets.

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