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  1. Really? I don’t think the godless care about slashing at the sky…it’s pretty much the reverse. Religious wars, hatred, bigotry, control over others, anti everything, rape, pillaging, secrecy, greed, murder, fraud lies…pretty much standard operating procedure of those god loving souls who make the world a mean and dangerous place. So…uh…no…you don’t have to worry about the godless slashing at anything or draining any of your stuff. Not a chance. 🙂


    • I’m sorry for your bitterness – but you made my point – that one sentence did a whole lot of slashing – you certainly don’t have to share my faith, but I’d appreciate some respect – as I would gladly give you


      • People don’t always know what other people are like. I know people who do not believe in the same things that I do but I would never think that they would take anything from me or life in general, because their beliefs were different than mine. I just don’t understand why you would say the things you said about people just because they didn’t feel the same way you do. I don’t know how anyone can do the things your poem said just because they don’t believe in what you do. I’m far from bitter but I can see why you would think so. I have a feeling that because I don’t agree with you I must be labeled as something so, good luck my friend. I won’t bother you any longer.


  2. Hey Paul I like the new poem a lot. I haven’t been to your site before so I’m just starting to read and catch up. It’s amazing to me how changing my life and starting to work at home has left me less free Time than I would have if I went somewhere to work. Anyway I have a constructive comment to make which I hope you won’t feel bad about. I I felt the theme and the rythem of the poem so strongly that when something in the last four lines threw me off it felt odd. I’m not so experienced that I know whether that’s deliberate or not and whether or not it’s what you want to do, but I wanted to share the experience. Guess I’ll go back to trying to keep up with my correspondence and read a little more of your work. it’s definitely the best way to get to know a poet.
    Take care,



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  4. Faith doesn’t cause the horrors that were described by one of the comments above … the lack of faith does. Religion and faith are not one – they are two very separate entities. The lack of faith, open eyes, innate knowledge without proven science – is the cause of the creation of a faithless religion – which brings far more sadness and cruelty to the experience we’ve been given.


      • Thank you so much Paul. I may not be the most literary person, accomplished writer, or have the ability to multiply 398 x 981 in my head (giggles) – but when it come to faith, and my extremely strong innate spirituality, I consider myself one of great intelligence. I’ve always had a 3rd eye, for lack of a better term – I was born with knowledge, intrigue and understanding that baffled my own parents. I highly respect, though follow none of, the religions of this world; however, I probably understand more, hold a greater faith than, clearly see more of who and what we are, and so very easily see the problems in the world so much more than most of the people who surround me. LOL – I’m so sorry for the very large comments; this is a subject that I tend to go on and on about. 🙂


  5. Some heated lines there. Of course, religion and spirituality are not necessarily the same. It’s okay and splendid actually by me that you said the science of dull disbelief, because I see science as a general tool to be used any way/how. It does not necessarily negate spirituality/faith.
    I generally prefer to focus on the acts and not the persons. That may be a more objective and accurate and less violent way. It will then be the deliberate decision of whoever to align/identify personally with the action. Again, the line about the science of dull disbelief just does it for me in this regard.
    Well done.
    Yes, I am never really around much. I know. O blood-y perennial that I am!

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  6. I think The Remnant Torn From the Sky did it. I saw this in mythic proportions – part of an ancient struggle that wears different faces as history progresses. As a person of faith I grieve the present
    embodiments but do not give up hope. Thanks for the sharp images your poem creates.

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