38 comments on “Kneeling Toward Sacrilege

  1. I like how this piece tumbles off the page, almost as if once started it can’t stop. Almost a confession but instead of a penance there is an appeal for ‘sweet relief of release’. This is a poem to ponder and unravel . Thank you Paul

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  2. This splendid poem, a perfection of subject matter fierce yet compassionate analysis like no other. The closest I can think of is a recent song by Mr Cohen himself, ‘You Want it Darker’.

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  3. Beautifully written, and oh how it breaks my heart. I know the “bone on stone” painful seasons…I wish I could give you the fruit from my own prayers, to feed the wavering certainty I’ve also known. I, too, yearn for sweet release. All I can do is offer you faith to borrow as this relentless trial drags you down. It’s undeniably hideous, I know. Even so, I also know that God loves us in our agony and doubts and despair. He won’t forsake us, He’ll carry us through. Trust takes all the courage we can muster, my dear friend.

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  4. Paul, if you’ll trust me with this, I’d like to reblog it as part of my Sunday post. The reason we need a REALLY BIG GOD, is for such times as this when our faith is dragging. I’m reminded of a fine quote: “God would like us to be joyful, even when our hearts lie panting on the floor”–from “Fiddler On the Roof”, by Joseph Stein. Notice, it says God would “like” that–not that He expects it, or would ever be disappointed in us when we’re too weak to be joyful. God does not despise the bruised reed or smoking flax–Matthew 12:20. We qualify.

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  5. Somehow I did not get a notice about this poem: I wish I had because it is a lamentation of Biblical proportion, competing with any of David’s dark Psalms of despair. It is God’s silence in the face of our petitions that in the end will prove, against reason, God’s presence alongside us. Grace & Peace . . .

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  7. Words felt deep in my bones, thank you. Suffering is a condition most of us bear, each day and season, each of us differ in the part and intensity. I gave up trying to fathom a superior being’s interest in such pains. The design and intelligence of our universe, I think, is beyond our scope of comprehension. But I hope you feel better anyway!!

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