35 comments on “Classroom

  1. “standing professors,” “the nature of things” (like use of the word “nature” here), “debate…” so much that alludes to classroom, “rich timbertold wisdoms”
    This is a beautiful piece.


  2. As both a teacher and a tree lover, your words touch me. When I was having labor pains three minutes apart and trying to walk, by myself, to where I could get help in a tiny little town, every time a pain gripped me, I would step off the sidewalk and hug a tree, hanging on until the pain left. This was 66 years ago, and I may have been the first tree hugger in the Midwest.


  3. I eavesdrop on trees regularly Paul – end up barking mad, out on a limb, thinking of branching out and writing something on the subject – fail – this leaves me rooted to the spot time to get the cross saw and cut loose…

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