25 comments on “Beginnings

  1. Wonderfully written! Made me think of a poetic description of the Bible’s account of creation. May I ask what inspires you? I once used to write beautifully like this and as I like to say, “life happened,” and I feel I have lost my love/passion for this craft.

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    • I started seriously writing (and reading) poetry when I retired about 15 years ago – I’ve since become disabled and can no longer get out and about – so my inspiration is relegated to whatever thoughts happen to run through my mind – I spend at least several hours per day at writing, even though most of it never sees light of day


  2. Reblogged this on SOMETIMES and commented:
    One of my favorite poets, Paul F. Lenzi, of poesypluspolemics blog, included the Reblog button with his fascinating and most inspiring works of sheer genius of words. The Hubble shot is also breathtaking. Thanks Paul.

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