18 comments on “Joie de Mort

  1. Your words still ring true. Sadly, they applied time and time again since Paris. In my aging juvenile naivety I still/often wonder why ‘they’ opt for the killing of innocents? I can of a 100 wicked reasons yet thus far not one of them is plausible.

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  2. Why do governments opt for the killing of innocents? If western countries could stop invading other countries for 5 minutes, then people wouldn’t be pissed off enough to strike back with the comparably pathetic weapons they have compared to the state.

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  3. Ah. We’ll be there soon again, going to see our newest grandchild in Marseille with a stop first in Paris. I live in fear of things getting more violent in Marseille, that very North-African city in France.

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      • We give the terrorists nothing. We still spend everything we have going to see them. They still live there and go where they will. If we were androids, perhaps we could remain unaffected by our children and grandchildren living with the threat of violence. We are not.

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