21 comments on “Adrenaline

  1. Another wow-er!! Terrific opening line hooked me right into some sort of psychedelic dream which I didn’t quite grasp but read gasping in awe at phrases like “broken glass weeds” impregnated with powerful feeling.


  2. I too must mention the “broken glass weeds”–it sparks the need to write a poem. If I’m successful, I’ll link back to you here, if that’s alright with you. God bless you–Caddo Jael


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  4. 🙂 metaphors within metaphors. I love this. And I second Chatty Owl’s comment on the finish being outstanding. It links you back to the title so swiftly; making the poem sort of like a cyclic as you sure read it again.
    Wish I could decode it all at once. Please tell me, was this piece inspired by an event? If so, which event is that. It sure would be a powerful clue.


  5. “for the pounding liquid hammers in my vascular head”… really enjoyed reading this line – and it became even more powerful when said aloud! I enjoy the sharpness of this poem; it really cuts into the tongue as you speak it.

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