23 comments on “Halfwits

  1. Well, we don’t agree on politics but I still like your poem. You were quiet for a few days. Hope all is okay. I remember my father calling me a half-wit. In his defense, he was a good father, not having had one himself, and I can be remarkably stupid. He would have agreed with your politics, of that I am quite sure.


    • my politics and yours are beside the point – the key is coming to one’s convictions by honestly evaluating both sides – hearing both arguments fairly – it’s the trenchant refusal to give any credence to the “other side” that I pity with this poem


      • You said it, Paul. I was recently involved in an online discussion of abortion. Those who disagreed with me relied on the same old rhetoric spouted by the mainstream media and powers that be. They discounted my sources, often without reading them, simply because my sources looked at the issue from the point of view with which they disagree (and a few just devolved to insults). If you want to take a position on an issue, argue that position, and vote for or against someone/something based on it, then you should be seeking out opposing viewpoints from their source, if for no other reason than to shoot them down.


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