14 comments on “Manichee

  1. This is what we are experiencing today , you have expressed it so beautifully and the most important message your writings give ; there is hope, there is way out!

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  2. I like the quote of St. Augustine about God and evil in the world. In regard to the present struggle I have been thinking of life after Eden and remembering Milton’s idea of the “Fortunate Fall.” You are among poets who help mortals grasp things more clearly.

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  3. Give em nothing!!! Flatline. Participate in no evil. Touch nothing unclean. Serve the holy and desire the holy. Otherwise the whirlpool of destruction will have us in its dizzying vortex, and we are consigned to a mangling death. I read recently that sin is left in the world that we may experience forgiveness, when we are forced to beg for mercy and know God. Resonates with what you have written. Pretty much feeling the overwhelming onslaught of this reality every day. You are not alone, Oracle Lenzi. Give em nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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